Formalin-free sedimentation diagnostics

  • The ParasiTrap®-System revolutionized the parasitological stool-diagnostics. The FixSepar® ECO-System gained importance through the replacement of formalin contained fixatives in the whole human and veterinary medicine.

How to use the Biosepar ParasiTrap® sedimentation system:

New developed Flotation-System

  • The new developed parasitological flotation products, the ParasiTrap® BioFlot® PLUS-System, opened new diagnostic dimensions in the human and veterinary medicine. It is free from heavy metals, sulfates, phosphates and nitrates. The fine filtration and an integrated sedimentation step, guarantees the most proper specimens and the highest hit ratio for protozoa, worm eggs and larvae. Contemporaneously the morphological structure stays intact for a longer time.

Formalin-free histological fixative solution

  • The formalin free histological tissue and cell fixative solution FixSepar® ECO PLUS Histology (FEPH®-Solution) is not only environment-friendly, it is also extensive user-friendly. Artefacts and other drawbacks, caused with formalin, are now things of the past. And the following colorings, inclusive the immunohistology, guarantee a reliably diagnostic with indisputable statements.

Filtration-Systems for the analytics, synthesis and development

  • The Quicksepar® filtration technology is a product group which was created for individual needs in the fine and rough filtration (0,1 - 500µm). It is mostly used in the biotechnological and environmental-diagnostic analytics, as well as in the chemical, biochemical, biotechnical laboratory procedures and development.

RNAse enzyme inactivator

  • We offer for the RNAse inactivation our RNASepar®-Solution. This enzyme inhibitor gained special importance in the molecular diagnostics, development and in the gene technology.

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