About us

The company Biosepar GmbH was founded in 1987. It produces and markets its own, self-developed and internationally patented products, which are now sold globally in many countries around the world. Our focus is on the development of new, environmentally friendly products which, in the diagnostic work process, must not only be hygienic but also non-toxic.
Human and veterinary studies ensure the innovations that Biosepar products retain their technological leadership role in the future.

Biosepar has extensive international connections and participates in trade fairs in Düsseldorf (MEDICA), Munich (analytica), in Turkey (expoMED), in the United Arab Emirates (Arab Health) and in the Far East (Medical Japan).
With our research and development program, our products always remain in the top international technological and diagnostic position. 

Biosepar is constantly expanding and in 2016 it opened in Simbach am Inn a new head office.
Some pictures from the life of our company
Filling the ParasiTrap® tubes
Evaluation of the finished products
Quality control before the goods issue
Filter production for the ParasiTrap® and Quicksepar® products
Warehousing by the company Biosepar GmbH
Injection molding production of plastic parts