ParasiTrap® – Diagnostics for the future


Environmentally friendly solutions for human and veterinary laboratories,
as well as for soil and water investigations

Innovation through experience

The best diagnostic solutions
in stool and faecal diagnostics

The Biosepar ParasiTrap® system is the market leader in terms of reproducibility of results, standardizability and sensitivity and used every day with great success in many laboratories worldwide.

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Human diagnostics

The modern parasitological diagnostics

small animals diagnostics

The good old method with new dimensions

Big Animals diagnostics

The perfect solution for the best results

Environmental diagnostics

Water and soil examination

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RNAse - Inhibitor Systems


Formalin-free and pH-neutral fixatives

Filtration Technology

For research and diagnostics

Diagnostics of the future

Our own human and veterinary medical studies enable the innovations that ensure that Biosepar products retain their future-oriented, technological leadership role.

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