Human diagnostics

With the ParasiTrap® diagnostics you have the choice between the flotation method and the sedimentation method. The reproducibility and the ability to standardize is guaranteed even with hard feces or poorly soluble sample material. With the highest hit rates, the large selection and many other advantages, ParasiTrap® is the unmatched market leader.

Flotation method

Human Flotation

Flotation method for the human medicine. A good, old, proven method with new dimensions.

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Sedimentation method

ECO Systems

The kits contain an environmentally friendly, non-toxic, completely newly developed transport and processing medium without formalin.

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AF Systems

Filled with the formalin-containing AF transport and processing medium without Merthiolate (mercury compound) specially developed by Biosepar.

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SAF Systems

Filled with the formalin-containing SAF transport and processing medium.take a look

Bailenger Systems

Filled with Bailenger medium which is mostly used especially in France.

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DUAL Systems

Combined DUAL methods with four different transport and processing media.

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Unfilled Systems

Unfilled processing and transport tubes I and II. The user has to fill the tubes himself.take a look