Molecularbiology - QuickSepar®

Our RNase inhibitor RNAsepar® is specially developed and ideally suited for heavily contaminated or bacteria-rich sample materials such as stool and faecal samples.

You don’t need an extra stirrer to mix the dissolved samples. This function can be carried out with the integrated screw cap stirrer as shown in the instructions for use. This eliminates the risk of external contamination and at the same time saves costs. The tubes are delivered sterile and decontaminated.
The possibility of fine filtering with the tube II is particularly advantageous. The material to be examined is enriched in the tube II and freed from the interfering components.

Tube I Black-Line

50 Tubes I for sampling (unfilled)

Order no.: 6480 RNA

Tube I White-Line

50 Tubes I for sampling with short sample collector to freeze up to -80 oC
50 Sample spoons

Order no.: 6481 RNA

Tube I Black-Line unfilled

50 Tubes I for sampling with long sample collector
50 Sample spoons

Order no.: 6482 RNA

Tube I Black-Line filled

50 Tubes I for sampling with long sample collector, filled with 3,5 ml RNA stabilizing solution (quantity also by agreement and submission of an offer)
50 Sample spoons

Order no.: 6483 RNA

Tube II Black-Line

50 Processing tubes II with integrated filtersystem (for cleaning and enrichment of the sample material)

Order no.: 6484 RNA

Complete System

50 Tubes I unfilled for sampling with long sample collector
50 Tubes II with integrated filtersystem
50 Sample spoons
50 Screw caps

Order no.: 6485 RNA

Complete System

50 Processing tubes I filled with RNAsepar® (RNA-stabilising solution).
50 Tubes II with integrated filtersystem
50 Sample spoons
50 Screw caps

Order no.: 6486 RNA


RNA-stabilising solution

Order no.: 6487


RNA stabilization and protection for biological sample material

Areas, applications:

  • Tissues of all organs
  • Tissue fluids, blood, lymph, urine
  • Stool material
  • Cells, cell cultures
  • Microbiology

RNAsepar® is suitable for immediately stopping the RNase activity even in sample materials rich in bacteria (stool material, purulent tissue, forensic medicine, microbiology, etc.) and thus preserving the full integrity of the RNA molecule.
RNAsepar® preserves RNA at temperatures of + 25 oC to + 37 oC for 24 – 48 hours, 4 – 6 weeks at 4 oC and long-term at -18 oC to – 25 oC. The material can then be stored in liquid nitrogen or dry ice for a longer period until it is reused.

After treatment with RNAsepar®, the material is ready for subsequent applications such as mRNA and isolation of total RNA, as well as for histology and immunocytochemistry.
As far as we know, the material stabilized with RNAsepar® is compatible with all conventional isolation kits.
The quality and the quantity of the RNA are fully preserved.
The volume of RNAsepar® used should always be 7-10 times the amount of the sample material used.


By using the Quicksepar® system, it is still possible to separate the homogenized sample materials into liquid / solid phase at the same after protection with RNAsepar® through the integrated fine filter system for immediate processing or for freezing for later processing or control, to isolate or further enrich.

The sequence of images below shows the simple way of working and the few steps up to material removal.

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